Steam Donkey WIP and The Last Submission

steam donkey, wip, logging

One Step Closer. The forest is coming along.

This is the painting I donated two years ago.

Watercolor, watercolour, logging, historic, crosscut saw, misery whip, auction, art

The Misery Whip.

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29 thoughts on “Steam Donkey WIP and The Last Submission

  1. Green is such a difficult colour I think (one of my favourite colours btw), tricky to get the right tones, but you manage to create that fresh, crisp spring green that is so special. And the contrast with the machine is fantastic, love it! I look forward to following the progress.

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  2. oh my, this is gorgeous, and i’ve enjoyed watching the progress. i’ve tried countless times to comment on earlier posts, and the internet has been too sluggish to kick it in your direction… ditto for ‘family portrait,’ which i tried and tried on yours and on mary’s…

    am in the city and appreciating fast internet!

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    • I didn’t keep track of my time, but I would guess about 30 hours. The inking was about 12 hours. I was slow doing the watercolor, because I was trying to figure out how I wanted to do the background. I probably should have been faster.


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