Forestry Friday … A Trip To The Woods and More Steam Donkey WIP

Steam donkey, wip, watercolor, watercolour, mixed media, pen and ink

The color is going on and the background is developing. Time to grow a forest. I’m well into the awkward phase and the quality of the photo isn’t very good.

It was a perfect day in the woods. I was visiting a more modern logging crew.

log truck, loader, logging, processor

Loading the truck and filling out the load receipt.

What do you think the steam donkey crew would have said about this equipment.


A dozer skidding in a log turn.

I get to go to places like this when I’m at work.

Lassen Park

Looking north toward Lassen Park.

Nothing like a little inspiration on the way home to prepare for painting.

Sunset over the Sacramento River.

Sunset over the Sacramento River.

35 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … A Trip To The Woods and More Steam Donkey WIP

    • The changes are pretty amazing. So much of the equipment looks like it belongs in a Star Wars movie. But I always shake my head when I hear a news report about logging and the reporter is talking about “chopping” down trees.” We haven’t chopped down a tree for most of a hundred years! We saw them down.


  1. Your pictures are incredible scenes – I like your work place! Beautiful progress on the Steam Donkey – incredible how the depth is coming alive in the piece. Best of weekends to you and Mary


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