“A Ghost in the Forest”


A Ghost In The Forest, steam donkey, steam yarder, willamette steam donkey

“A Ghost in the Forest” is auction ready! Thank you to Mary for the excellent matting and framing.

Usually, I don’t donate original art. However, this cause is near and dear to my heart. So this is the original going on the block. If I did my job right, the bidders will come ready to bid!  This is one item among many being auctioned to raise money for forestry education. The auction is Friday, February 6.

This auction is a fund-raiser for the Education Fund of the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference. The money goes for forestry education for local students. It supports Education Day for hundreds of local 4th graders to tour the conference. Mary, of Sneaking Bliss, gives a presentation to them each year. This was her post from last year’s tour, Sierra Cascade Logging Conference Education Day. The money also supports the local college logging sports team, scholarships and a Spring woods tour for students, among other things.

Sierra Cascade Logging Conference, Education Day

Mary delivers her presentation to my nephew’s 4th grade class, from a couple years ago. My nephew was volunteered to help out.

I’ve include a progression of the painting in the gallery shown below. Click on the images to enlarge.

These images are included in my previous posts with more information about the real steam donkey and the art process.





43 thoughts on ““A Ghost in the Forest”

  1. This is great Tim! Thank you for taking us through the process, it was very interesting to me. I hope you get lots of bids for this wonderful cause. So many kids don’t leave the couch and video games and parents are too scared to let them out. Kids need to get outside and enjoy the forest. If they don’t, the future may look bleak for nature. 😢

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  2. Tim, wonderful piece. I am very curious about some of the steps in your process. What type of paper did you use, that you were able to soak and then stretch on stretcher bars. And why? What did that do to the inking process for you to continue with color?

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    • I use a hot press Canson 90 lb paper, because I wanted a pretty smooth surface for the pen and ink. I did soak and stretch it after I drew the pen and ink. I tested every pen I had with this same process before doing the actual art to avoid and disasters. I had no problems with the ink drawing as a result of the soaking and stretching. The paper took the watercolor normally. I usually stretch my paper for water color this way except when using 300 lb paper. It’s easier for me to do the pen and ink work on a drawing board rather than on the stretch boards. It’s just my preference. It was the first time I’ve tried it this way and it worked great.


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