The Misery Whip – The Final

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The Misery Whip.

Here it is, the final painting.  I hope you like it.

Now that I finally have time to catch my breath, here is what happened since my last post.  I left work and rushed home. I had about 20 or 30 minutes of painting left to do.  When I finished the painting, we had about an hour and 5 minutes before we had to be at the dinner auction.  I cut the mat and framed it.  With that complete, we got ourselves ready and ran out the door. We arrived at the dinner, and presented the painting to the master of ceremonies so he could put it on display.  After an excellent prime rib dinner the auction began.

This auction is a fund-raiser for the Education Fund of the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference.  The money goes for forestry education for local students.  The money supports Education Day for local 4th graders to tour the conference, that is where Mary gave her presentation, .  They also support the local college logging sports team, scholarships and a Spring woods tour, among other things.

Now back to the auction.  The painting was item 30 out of 50.  Not a bad place to be.  If it is too early, some folks are holding back, keeping their powder dry, so to speak.  Too late in the evening and many bidders start to leave.  The bidding seemed to be going pretty high during the early portion of the auction.  I was encouraged.  Finally, The Misery Whip was up.  Bidding started at $200.  The bidding was short and frantic.  Then, “SOLD” to the high bidder for $900.  I was very happy to see my effort contribute to bringing in so much to the charity fund.  I could not see who the bidder was.

Mary runs our booth at the conference, so on top of everything else we had been preparing for the conference and getting product ready.  As a result Mary and I were exhausted and were planning to go home after the painting was auctioned, but I had a ticket for a drawing at the end.  Since, we did not want to stay that late, I took the ticket to a friend from work who would be there for the drawing.  He was sitting in the area of the high bidder, so I asked him who it was.  He said “it was me”!  He told me when he saw it on display he was determined to buy it and it was his way of owning a piece of me.  I was flattered and humbled.  Thank you Ted.  I’m really glad he got it.

After weeks of getting to bed after mid-night, last night Mary and I were in bed by 7pm and slept for 12 hours.  The truck is unloaded.  Now it is time to fall back and regroup.  All in all, I would say it was a very successful conference.

78 thoughts on “The Misery Whip – The Final

  1. I relished every word that you wrote here. What a nice friend who thinks so well of you and your art to have bought your watercolor. It is indeed quite beautiful. Looks realistic. It is so nice of you and Mary to donate y’alls hard work. I klnow that both of you are thought highly of in your community. Charity such as what you and Mary contibute does not come along too often.


  2. What a great way to help support and fund forestry education. I’m sure all those students are grateful for your efforts and the time you spent completing this great painting. Well done and congratulations your final stretch and success. Your painting is one that speaks about the beauty of working hard and the results man’s labor in the forestry world.


  3. So glad all your artistic endeavours with the picture came to mean a good auction bid for the charity Tim . A marathon effort by you and Mary … Bravo 😀


  4. Fantastic!!! I’m so pleased for the happily ever after ending. My grandfather was a forest worker in the early 1900’s. Your painting is a tribute to the memory of these brave, hardworking men.


    • Thank you Andelieya. It was fun, I don’t mind working on a deadline, and it was for a good cause. I do like having time to put it down for a while and come back to it. I tend to notice things I didn’t before.


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  6. Terrific work! Your work is so personal. I think that makes it so attractive. Thanks for sharing the progression of your painting. It’s really interesting. You worked hard and now you deserve a rest.


  7. Congratulations on such a high bid for your painting and labor of love! It came out beautiful! I like the depth of the painting – it feels like you can walk right into the painting.


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