Thank You For Your Service, Veterans

Anti aircraft artillary, WWII

The 120MM Anti-Aircraft artillery

There has been a magazine for everything.  I was able to scan this one because a dear friend and World War II US Army vet provided it to me.  Walter helped operate these big cannons in the Pacific during the war.  He saved this magazine cover from that time, because this was his gun.  The AAA or anti-aircraft artillery operated in a four gun configuration with all guns wired into a targeting computer.  Walter ran the range finder for the operation, which determined how long the fuses were set to burn.  Once the fuses were set and a targeting solution was set in the computer the guns moved in unison to find their target.

Seeing this meant a lot to me, because my Dad did the same job on the 90 MM version of this cannon.  He was in a Marine defense battalion in the Pacific during WWII.

So today thank a vet for his or her service.  I want to remember my Dad and say thank you to Walter, my uncles, my sons, my nephew and all the other veterans who fought to protect our freedom.  To so many we owe so much.