Another Fish For The Fish Story

bass, largemouth bass, large mouth bass, fish, fishing, watercolor

The title page for the fish story.

I finished the title page for the fish story.  It is a fairly simple watercolor.  It still took about five watercolor sketches to get what I wanted.  I hope it makes you think BIG FISH!

Rainbow Trout, mountain stream

School of trout.

I took a few fish reference pictures the other day, although these were Rainbow Trout.  In a beautiful mountain stream.

Blitz, trout, rainbow trout, dead fish

Blitz finds a fish for me. “Hey Blitz that one is dead.”

Blitz, swim, stick, fetch, golden retriever, golden, retriever

Blitz goes back to what she does best.

A Golden Retriever isn’t very helpful when taking fish pictures.  Just don’t tell her that, I wouldn’t want to spoil her fun.

Grasshoppers On The Loose

Make sure the lid is tight or your bait will get away.

I just completed this illustration for the fish story I’m working on.  The large mouth bass studies were for the same project.  The media on this one is watercolor, and pen and ink.  It was an easy one to reference, since all I had to do is revisit my childhood.  I hope you like it.

Large Mouth Bass Study 3

Large Mouth Bass Study

Here is the last one. It was all wet wash technique. I followed it with pen and ink for detail. I like the wet approach although this picture isn’t quite right for the project. Perhaps I need to do the pen and ink first. Any thoughts?

Large Mouth Bass Study 2

Large Mouth Bass Study 2

With this watercolor I used strictly dry brush technique. I followed this with pen and ink. However, I don’t think this is the style I’m looking for this project.

Large Mouth Bass Study 1

Large mouth Bass Study

I’m working on a project involving large mouth bass.  This is my first pass at a straight up watercolor.  At this point I’m getting familiar with my subject.  It is for a children’s book so this style is probably not child friendly enough.