Work Is Exhausting

A soft seat after a busy day feels so good.

Blitz had a busy day at work today.  Her day went like this.  Arrived at the office and visited the other dogs.  Made them bark….a lot!  Load up, head out to the plant and then the gas pumps.  Sniff around the pumps and check the pee-mail.  Finally, head to the woods.  Drive for an hour and a half.  Arrive at the property.  Meet the nice land owner.  Ride in his ATV.  Fetch stick forty times and chew it up.  Hike around the woods.  Visit the landowners house and meet his nice wife.  Get to go inside the house for water and a cookie.  This never happens, but it did today.  Ride the ATV back to the truck.  Load up and start back home.  Stop at the river along the way for a swim and eat some blackberries.  I didn’t know Blitz liked blackberries.  Load up head back to the office.  Go down to the river for another swim.  Fetch the stick forty more times.  Load up wait in the truck in the shade for a little while.  Them head for home.  Life is good.