French Gulch

I had to visit one of our loggers the other day. My route took me through the little hamlet of French Gulch. It was settled during the Gold Rush, but you rarely see any rush around this sleepy little town these days.

We also enjoyed some rain. They say El Nino is coming and we’re hoping so.

38 thoughts on “French Gulch

  1. Lovely small town Tim. We’ve been getting quite a soaking on the east coast of Oz this week but our perspective on El Nino is rather different to yours. For us it means drought and with a heavy growth during our wet spring lots of bush fires. Pretty much like you’ve had over summer. Enjoy the rain.

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    • French Gulch is still the wild west. It still has it’s original hotel and saloon. There’s still gold mining going on in these parts. Half the town burned to the ground in a wild fire about 8 years ago. It’s a tough little town.


        • That is very true here. In California, most people think of Los Angeles and San Francisco, but true Northern California is nothing like that. Even when traveling from the coast to the central valley and on to the high desert, the personality of these tiny towns changes dramatically. Lots of local color.

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