Forestry Friday … Burnt Snapshot


Wildfire devastated huge swathes of California. This was taken in a remote corner of the Shasta Trinity National Forest today. This burn was started by lightning strike.

16 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … Burnt Snapshot

    • These fires burned on the National Forests. There is a huge difference in management objectives between the National Forests and the National Parks. The NF are supposed to actively manage these forests. The NP have a “let nature take its course” approach. However, in recent years the FS as gone away from their multiple use ethic. It isn’t an issue of grant. They used to manage NF at a profit, because they contain a valuable resource. They could again, while accomplishing important management goals. Unfortunately, politics has interfered with proper forest management.

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  1. It’s a shame that this is not being managed properly. What happens when the forests aren’t replanted. I don’t think any of the politicians have the vaguest idea of what to do and just sway with the public breeze instead of trying to understand what is going on.

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    • I think you’re right about the politicians Ruth.

      Without replanting, they depend on natural seeding in. When the fire burns hot, as with a crown fire, the cones are destroyed and there won’t be much seed available. If the crowns don’t burn, then cones can still release the seed even if the tree is dead. Also, trees don’t produce cones every year, so if there is no cone crop, then there is no seed. if the fire burns early July or before the seed won’t be viable, because it isn’t ripe. Lots of variables affect natural regeneration. The other issue that arises after a fire is the germination of brush competition. Fires often cause brush seeds to germinate. Many brush species can have viable seed in the soil for decades just waiting for a fire. Heavy brush competition can choke out the young trees. Controlling the brush is important too. The good news is that much of the area burned in the fires, burned at a lower intensity. Hopefully, there will be a good amount of natural seed.


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