A Memory In The Mist – Revisited

When I first posted A Memory In The Mist I thought it would be an unusual sight for most folks.  With so many people unfamiliar with teepee burners and their use, and add to that a picture of one decaying into the earth, it would be something different.  I decided I would show you a few more images of full standing burners that are still around.  They represent something from the past that was left behind by the forward march of technology.

pen and ink, ink, drawing, sketch, sawmill, teepee burner

This pen and ink represents an old-time sawmill with a teepee burner.

In the old days, before sawdust was used for particle board and bark was used for landscaping, it was burned.  Much of it was burned to power the boilers at the mill, but excess wood waste was just burned.  Today’s mill residues that cannot be used in other products are burned in co-generation plants to generate electricity.  Nothing goes to waste anymore.

teepee burner, beehive burner, photography, sawmill

The Carlotta, California  teepee burner was an extra-large one.

A big one like the Carlotta burner could handle a lot of mill residue.  With the mill gone the old burner stands like a grave marker of the old mill site.

teepee burner, sawmill, photography

It is a tall skinny teepee burner in Nubieber, California.

A tall burner like the one Nubieber was built with a tall chimney.  This reduced the risk of sparks starting a fire outside the burner.

teepee burner, sawmill, photography

This teepee burner is located between Anderson and Redding, California.

The Anderson burner was a very typical design around here.  As a child I lived about a half mile from this one.

teepee burner, sawmill, photography

A teepee burner in use from 1932.

teepee burner, bee hive burner, photography, sawmill

The teepee burner from A Memory In The Mist.

teepee burner, bee hive burner, photography, sawmill

Where once was smoke now there is foliage.

teepee burner, bee hive burner, photography, sawmill

Nature is resilient and relentless and will be here long after we are gone.

teepee burner, bee hive burner, photography, sawmill

Here comes the sun.

38 thoughts on “A Memory In The Mist – Revisited

    • Thanks Doron. They are quite odd looking and now have no apparent purpose. I think it is that artistic quality about them that I like, and they remind me of another time. They do kind of look like a space ship don’t they.


    • Thank you Annerose. I recall you telling me the name beehive burners. It must be a regional difference. It is a fitting name. After all my years as a forester I do believe the nature is quite resilient. With good stewardship on our part it will thrive when given half a chance.


  1. Great post. Thanks for the history lesson. I don’t recall ever seeing one of these, but I’m not near logging country.


  2. These burners actually remind me of a space capsule for some reason. It is interesting to read about how they dealt with the logging waste. Seemed a good solution for its times.


    • They do have that shape of the old Gemini capsules don’t they. It was there most efficient solution in their day. Now the waste is no longer waste it is a by product that goes into particle board, landscape bark, pulp for paper and electricity. Technology has created great opportunity and solved a lot of problems.


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