The Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily, watercolor, watercolour, painting

Tiger Lily

The Tiger Lily is one of my favorite wild flowers.  It is a late bloomer in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and it prefers riparian zones.  When it blooms I am compelled to pick a batch to bring home to my honey.  In fact, it is the one I like to bring her the most.  That is why I picked this flower to paint.  Now Mary can have them all year.  I sketched this painting a number of years ago.  It is based on a picture I took a long time ago and have since lost.  Without the original photo I had to wing it.  I hope Mary likes it.  I think it is the last watercolor that I had started, but not completed.  It is now time to move on to new works.

43 thoughts on “The Tiger Lily

  1. The shading and highlights on the petals are amazing, the varying shades in the background leaves, she’s bound to love it. A beautiful painting!


  2. Beautiful! I like Tiger Lilies they are one of the few flowers that don’t set off my allergies. I think it’s sweet that she now has Tiger Lilies all year long 🙂


  3. Beautifully done!! My husband is also an artist, but needs to get a brush in his hand more often that the chain-o-locks (he’s a plumber). I’m sure your honey will love it! Sadly, these flowers have a not-so-nice name… We call them ‘ditch lilies’ as around here, many people plant them in their right-o-way or front ditch.


      • I like Tiger lily also. =-)
        My hubby is not a blogging kind of guy, but I will post some of his work soon. He went to art school for sculpture, but loves to draw as a hobby. I’ve gotten him to think outside the box for his art now. I’m not an artist, I’m a crafter… He says they are 2 different things… Whatever… But, I think the outcomes (projects) we come up with are pretty neat.


  4. I like this painting, though it is a watercolor it has the look of Gouache. Have you used Gouache before? It is a favorite of mine for certain paintings. This style has that look.
    Nicely done and I too consider the Tiger Lilly a favorite. It is so strange because yesterday I was considering posting a story about the Tiger Lilly, and there you are posting a painting. When you paint flowers for your honey, you can bet they will like them. When you post them for us you can also bet we will too.


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