Another Year Goes By

pencil, drawing, self portrait, Forester ArtistToday is my birthday.  My wife, Mary Livingston – The Backdoor Artist blogged a nice birthday post to me, and I want to say Thank you to her.  So, thanks honey.   Just for fun and for a little self-inflicted birthday humiliation I’ve attached a self portrait that I drew about 33 years ago.  This was part of my early beginning into serious art.  Well, you’ve got to start somewhere.   This was about a year before I met her on a blind date, don’t ask.  Back then I still had hair, a lot of blond hair.  I miss that hair.  Thinking back I can almost hear the disco music playing.

31 thoughts on “Another Year Goes By

    • Thank you it must be all the makeup we had on. The blind date is a long story. It really didn’t turn out very well, but we ended up together anyway. I guess it was meant to be. One of us may have to tell that story in a future blog.


    • John Schnieder, well thanks I’ll take that. Back in high school if I had a General Lee instead of a Datsun pickup it would have been “far out”. Oh well, another lost opportunity. I saw him on TV a few weeks ago and he still has a full head of hair. Some guys have all the luck. I wonder if he bought his hair? That would be “right on.”


  1. Happy Birthday Tim…hope you have a great day! had lots of hair!! Do you still have the angel flights and platforms???? And did Mary really pin you on the wrestling match?…;)))


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