Nellie In Watercolor, Part 4.

The morning ritual, ” Hey I need some attention here!”

As I sat down to upload the latest on Nellie’s progress, she came in and laid her head across my keyboard. I scratched her ears and then got up, because she wanted out. Settling back in to finish the post, I only had to wait about 30 seconds before the “boof boof” came from the front door, so up again and let her back in. Comfy again and ready to start, then she’s back. Head in my lap, because it’s 6:02, and we are late for breakfast. Breakfast is 6:00 am sharp. Back up to feed Tom and Nellie. Tom is our 14 year old golden. Sit down again, but then Tom is done and needs out, so back up. Once more down, and then here comes Nellie and she’s done and wants out. Up again. Finally, down and ready to finish. “Boof boof”, back up to let her back in. Now we can finish. A typical morning around here. I can’t understand why I don’t get more done.

I thought I might finish this painting this weekend, but it didn’t happen. So instead I will just give you another installment. I’ve done most of her final shading, and now need to finish the pheasant and the background detail. More to come.

Nellie installment 4.

16 thoughts on “Nellie In Watercolor, Part 4.

    • Thanks, for the interesting perspective. I have finished the painting, but have delayed posting it. There is a story with that post that requires some photos. Unfortunately, due to technical problems I have been unable to retrieve them. I hope to have them soon. Sorry if that is too much information. About the only change on the final painting was to finish the pheasant and a small amount of grass detail.


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  2. Clearly you are an artist. I happened to see you on I think it was Aan’s blog (Sigoese) maybe someone else, not sure. I just clicked on it becasue I liked the icon image and your name sounded interesting. I am so glad that your son’s golden survided the rattler’s bites. Such a close call.


  3. You have alot of patience to wait 11 years to finish a painting…. I have no patience at all. I have to finish it within 1.5-2 hours or else, I trash it 😉 I should learn to be more patient ;-)))


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