Nellie In Watercolor, Part 3

GoldenGlen Redtail Nitro Nellie JH WC just being “Boopie”

I have to apologize for taking so long to get to this latest installment of Nellie In Watercolor.  Watercolor is supposed to be fast.  However, Nellie’s painting is a guilty pleasure for me.  As a result, I catch a few minutes here and there to move it along.

Nellie is a dog with many names.  All of our dogs get nicknames along the way, however Nellie has the more than all the others.  Her registered name is GoldenGlen Redtail Nitro Nellie JH WC.  Around here she is mostly just Nellie, Boop or Boopie.  She belongs to our oldest son, but lives with us for now.  Our son came up with Boopie because it just seems to fit her personality.  This also led to Boopster and Boopie Doo.  Then there is Nellie Bean ( rhythms with Jelly Bean), Bean, Bean Dog, Nellster, Nellienator, and Fuzzball. When she was a growing puppy she went through an awkward phase like many puppies.  Usually their feet and legs grow first and their body has to catch up later.  With Nellie, her nose grew first and it was huge.  That led to The Nose and Nozzle Nellie.  Fortunately, she grew into her nose and became the swan that she is today.  Then over the course of one year, she had multiple encounters with a skunk, which led to Stinky and Stink Face.   Lastly, an incident with a rattlesnake resulted in Snake Bit, and Snake Bite.  Hopefully, no more animal encounters she has enough nicknames.

Here is the latest on her watercolor.

More detail for Nellie

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