Sweet Nellie Left Us Today

These were just a few of our precious moments…

Nellie, Burney Mountain, nature, golden retriever, dog, photography

With Burney Mountain in the background, Nellie strikes a lovely pose. She is one of my favorite models. Nellie is very co-operative and will work for dog biscuits.



Blitz steal a stick from her mom.

Blitz steals a stick from her mom.


Snow dog Nellie.

Redtail's Nitro Nellie just being "Boopie"

Redtail’s Nitro Nellie just being “Boopie”

Nellie, snake bite, veterinarian

Mary and Tom dog visiting Nellie at the Vet’s office after the snake bite. She was one sick pup, but it sure perked her up seeing us.

golden retriever, hunting, photography, Pheasant

Our oldest son, Chris with his girl Nellie. This was their last pheasant season.



The morning ritual, " Hey I need some attention here!" Nellie.

The morning ritual, ” Hey I need some attention here!”

The big stick contest. Blitz and Nellie

The big stick contest. Blitz and Nellie

Nellie in her youth at Iron Canyon Reservoir.

Nellie in her youth at Iron Canyon Reservoir.

God got a good dog today.  We are grateful for the time we had together.

These were some posts that featured Nellie.






137 thoughts on “Sweet Nellie Left Us Today

  1. I am so sorry you lost Nellie, she was a beautiful dog. All the family must be very sad. You won’t forget all these moments you had with her. I send you all my thoughts Tim.


  2. RIP, sweet Nellie… we love all animals – except reptiles, we’ve had cats for about 20 years and we’ve lost 2, so I do understand your pain… Happy and pleasant memories about Nellie will live with you! Friendly hugs, Mélanie


  3. A heartache.
    We have them for only so long…not forever as we would wish. I keep reminding myself of this as my twelve year old yellow lab becomes more and more aged….
    Heartfelt thoughts and wishes to you and family….


  4. My heart goes out you and your family. Losing a furry is super hard. My little fellow went to heaven a few years ago and sometimes I still come home expecting him to do his little welcome home dance for me. It is wonderful that you have the lovely memories of Nellie in photographs and your heart. God bless


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