Yet Another Fire

Stafford fire from Anderson

Another fire broke out in the north state.  This one is the Stafford Fire and is threatening the town of Hayfork.  These fires with all the destruction and chaos they bring with them often finish the day with one last bit of drama.

Stafford Fire Sunset

9 thoughts on “Yet Another Fire

    • In California we don’t think about if we have a fire, but rather where will the fire occur this year. Fire is something we have to live with. Unfortunately, some years are worse than others, and this was one of those bad years. The smoke clouded our skies for months this summer, and many of our friends and neighbors were directly impacted by the fires. It was very difficult for the families that lost their homes. Fortunately, we have a good fire fighting service here so we forge on.


      • i’ve just recovered from a three-week illness that was most likely triggered by guayaquil’s traffic pollution.
        asthma, bronchitis and emphysema were all possible diagnoses. while sick with a nonstop cough, i pondered how difficult it would be to live where there are fires/

        yes, thank goodness you have a good fire fighting service!



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