Forestry Friday … Pacific Fisher

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Pacific fisher in pen and ink. Mary and I had a chance meeting with a pair of fishers. That’s when I took the photo that this picture was based on. We watched this fisher as it climbed up and down a Douglas-fir tree while it was hunting.

The Pacific fisher is a large member of the weasel family that makes its home on our California timberland.

pacific fisher

This was a different Pacific fisher that unknowingly visited us. Observing wildlife from a hidden hunting blind is a great way to watch animals in their natural state.

Pacific fisher

The fisher investigates our wildlife camera. Come on little fella just a bit farther. Darn, we didn’t get his picture on the wildlife camera.

The company I work for, Sierra Pacific Industries, has been involved in a fisher relocation project for a number of years. Our partners in the project include US Fish and Wildlife Service, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and researchers from North Carolina State University. The purpose is to re-establish fisher into parts of the Sierra Nevada Mountains that used to be their historic range. The project has been highly successful. You can read more about the project here at the Fish and Wildlife Service website.

This is a mixed media illustration of a fisher with a radio collar that I did for the children’s book Timber!The pen and ink version appeared in the young reader book Timber In The Working ForestBoth books were written by Mary A Livingston and illustrated by me. You can read her blog at Sneaking

16 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … Pacific Fisher

    • Thank you Jackie! The vast majority of what I draw is referenced from pictures I’ve taken. Some of my pictures may be out of focus, but have great composition or posing. They aren’t that good for posting, but great for art reference. I’ve got a huge database of photography to use.


  1. I am here as always to remark on your outstanding talent while I continue to learn about Nature.
    [I was called a ‘tree-hugger’ back in the day when I was on the Board of the Wilderness Islands Group. I still proudly say that we had to almost ‘come to blows’ to save a scrub area with endangered species sitting right on our aquifer in a near-by town.]

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    • Thank you so much Gail! It’s great to be passionate about taking care of natural places. I’m a forester because I love being and working in nature. I too view myself as an environmentalist. Although, there are those who would disagree because my job entails harvesting trees. I’m more a conservationist than preservationist.

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  2. Thank you so much Inese! I’m always so thankful when I get to have those experiences with my models. I never know when it will happen. Besides, it’s hard to go wrong with such good models!


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