Marilyn Monroe


pen and ink, drawing, portrait, Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe in pen and ink.

I’ve been practicing pen and ink portraits lately.  I find them uniquely challenging. Some I’ll post and some I won’t, but this one of Marilyn Monroe I decide to post. I’m fairly happy with it, but I didn’t nail it. I didn’t quite capture her essence the way I wanted. I liked the photo reference for the high contrast, which is conducive to pen and ink. Subtle shading is trickier than with pencil or paint. I have a tendency to overwork the piece. It’s been a pretty steep learning curve. Comments and critiques are appreciated.

I realize this isn’t as wildlifey or woodsy as what I normally do, but it’s good to mix things up. Besides, there’s people in the woods too. Although, I’ve never run into Marilyn in the woods, but that would make a heck of a blog post!

25 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe

  1. I really really like this. I don’t think you have overworked it at all – the light and shadow work is fabulous. (And if you do ever come across Marilyn in the woods – we will all definitely want to hear about it!) 🙂

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    • I had to restrain myself a bit. I’m sure Marilyn was used to that. I’ve done other portraits, not Marilyn, that I didn’t post. Some of those were pretty rough.

      Now, if I do run into Marilyn in the woods I’m going to show her that picture and get her opinion!


  2. Hard to critique–pen and ink humans can get kind of “scratchy” looking, especially photos of those ink drawings. I’m betting this one looks dynamite in person, standing back a few feet from it!
    This one does look a little overworked if I view it at a normal reading distance on my laptop, but it looks super when I back off about 3 feet. Maybe you are looking at it too closely?🙂

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  3. I’m not sure how Marilyn Monroe really looks, so I’m not so much able to tell the difference, but hear this for me. This is very good. Very lovely.

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