Forestry Friday … Forest Facts

The 60 Second Forester is the name of a series of spots done by good friend and fellow forester, Frank Barron. They were originally radio spots done for the local Northern California airways. Now they’ve been remixed for short videos. Enjoy!

16 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … Forest Facts

  1. Enjoyed seeing the owl photo. It must be an owl ‘thing’ holding your dead prey in your talons. There is an owl, called the Powerful Owl in our neck of the woods and I don’t think I have ever seen a photo of it without a decapitated possum in its talons.

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  2. These videos are very good. I hope that there will be an effort to get them shown on cable community access channels throughout California. It Is information the public needs to see.

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  3. Thanks for posting these, Tim! It took up a lot of my Saturdays last summer! The photo of the Timber Harvest Plan I took one morning on the cool deck by our pool! Currently, we have had our webmaster (CLFA’s webmaster) link them to a few sites and have linked them to many search words. As always, with a non-profit, $ is the limiting factor!!

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