Forestry Friday … Processing Logs

This crew is getting ready to start shipping logs. The loader hasn’t arrived yet.  The skidding crew is getting trees to the processor. The processor is making logs so there will be enough to load the trucks first thing in the morning. I don’t usually get a shot of the processor working by itself without the loader parked beside it.

22 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … Processing Logs

    • I really haven’t seen much change in the market of round wood (logs). Lumber sales have improved in general. There seems to be more confidence in the housing market. After the downturn in 2008 a lot of lumber went into the big box stores and away from home construction because people were fixing their homes instead of building new ones.

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    • It’s true. It makes harvesting smaller trees far more efficient. And that allows us to manage the forests better by having more options to manicure the timber stands. Before equipment like that cutting small trees was more time consuming. Now it’s easier to thin the forests to reduce fire hazard and improve the overall health of the stands.

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    • It is definitely more efficient. Cutting small trees by hand was slow and limbing took a lot of time because the small trees have tons of small limbs. A processor can make a tree into logs in seconds, while a timber faller would take several minutes to cut it into logs.


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