21 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday … Moment In Time

    • This bear was actually the second of two bears. I heard a lot of commotion in the brush across a ravine. I sat down to watch. Pretty soon a bear came trotting down a trail across from me. It went across the ravine and up the ridge. Still hearing more noise I waited. Soon, the second bear came out of the trees following the same path. Black bears generally have poor eye site and their hearing is just okay, but their sense of smell is better than a blood hound. Fortunately, I was downwind and the bears never knew I was there.

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  1. Hi Tim.. new follower here. : ) This painting is really stunning. The few tones are lovely.. and the shadows so dramatic. I can really see that bear moving. Wow.

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  2. Lovely watercolor, Tim. No bears here, at least for a while. I think one was spotted way downstate recently, but nothing to worry about yet. I really don’t want to fight over my berries. LOL We have seen photos of cougars from the DNR but they few and far between. I think wild pigs are becoming more the problem right now. They can be pretty nasty and destructive. Advise is to climb a tree, quickly!

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    • That will work for a pig, but it won’t work on a bear. Black bears are very good tree climbers. You have to act aggressive with a black bear. I bet you could do that. As for the pigs eating your berries, my solution would be to eat the offending pigs!


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