First Birthday Bliss!

It’s her first birthday. For a while we didn’t think she’d make it to this one. We’re sure happy she did. Click on a picture to see the full-sized gallery. Sorry there are so many photos, but it’s hard not to take her picture.

If you missed her mushroom ordeal you can read about it here:


50 thoughts on “First Birthday Bliss!

      • I’m glad for you too. My brother’s lab was bitten by a rattlesnake and the vet did everything they possibly could for her. Sadly, she didn’t make it. So ya’ll are very fortunate to still have her – even though it wasn’t a rattlesnake, it is almost as bad.

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        • I had my son’s dog with me at work when she was bitten six times by a rattlesnake. She step on it and stood on it while it bit her. She was a very stoic dog. He was deployed to Iraq at the time. Two doses of anti-venon and ten days in the veterinary hospital later she survived, just barely thank god. That his dog died wasn’t the news we wanted to give him when he returned.


          • Indeed. We had an agreement with him during his deployment. It was that if something happened to a family member he wanted to know. But we had a news black out regarding Nellie the dog, because if anything happened to her while we he was gone, we weren’t to tell until he was home.


          • Oh, I see why you said what you did. That would have been so sad for him and I’m so glad you didn’t have to give him bad news. My brother’s dog was pretty old when she got bitten.

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          • It’s always hard to lose them that way, even if their old. Nellie lived another 4 or5 years, but developed cancer in her leg that had been bitten. So the snake got her in the end, but at least he was home and she was old.


          • That is so good that your son was home and got to spend more years with Nellie. And that Nellie lived into old age. That is sad that she got cancer in the part of her leg that the snake bit.

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  1. Oh i read all the words — instead of just looking at the purty pictures. Poor doggie had mushroom poisoning. Good thing you guys realized something was wrong with her before it was too late.

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    • We were concerned about the mushroom, but we thought it’s just a plain white lawn mushroom. Turned out to be a “destroying angel.” None of the vets had seen a dog survive it. She’s unique! The vets at UC Davis, checked in with our vet to see how the necropsy went, because they assumed she died. She fooled them all.

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  2. Oh my gosh you have some amazing shots here. Some of them what I have been looking for to use as reference photos for my artwork. Would it be OK to use some and credit you for the photo reference? Beautiful shots and gorgeous dog. šŸ™‚

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