Wild Wednesday … Spring Wildflowers Have Begun!

Spring wildflower season has begun with a vengeance in the Northern California foothills. Here are a few or the early risers.

Don’t worry if you’ve in the frozen north, spring’s coming!

31 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday … Spring Wildflowers Have Begun!

  1. Thanks for the pre-pre-pre view of what’s to come at my house! No flowers yet, but the snakes are awake. That tells me spring is near.

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  2. Beautiful flowers. Not much here yet, except my daffodils. There is a hint of budding on the trees, but I am hoping that not much comes out yet because if they are too far out, sometimes a normal frost can damage them. I almost lost my lovely Japanese maple that way and it has finally recovered. I love spring, but I get concerned when it gets too warm too early.

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