Forestry Friday … Tree Planters!


Tree planters from “Timber.” A WIP.

tree planter, forestry

Planting trees in the Gun II Burn in 2001. See more about the Gun II burn in my post “Of Trees and Dogs.”

seedling, forestry reforestation

A freshly planted Douglas-fir seedling.

19 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … Tree Planters!

  1. When my parents had their pines cut, every now and then over the years, the next thing would be for the tree planters to come with their seedlings and wooden dibbles…how exciting to see your art work depicting this work 🙂


    • I have dealt with many small family forests over the years. I love hearing about your family forest Theanne. They sound like they knew what they were doing. So often people don’t take care of their forest. Here in California, that makes their forest susceptible to insects drought and wildfire.


    • The most common tubes we use are called Vexar Tubes. Yes, they are used to protect the trees from deer, rabbits, any other critter that wants to snip off a tree. They are supposed to photo degrade in about 2-3 years, although they make ones that last longer. They give the trees a chance to get established. They work well enough, but I hate them. They become a maintenance nightmare when they don’t breakdown quickly enough. Animal chew the tops closed and the terminal leaders often get stuck in the mesh while elongating. However, when you have animal problems they can save the plantation. I only used them when absolutely necessary.


      • So interesting. I had no idea they biodegrade (at some point). I guess there are always tradeoffs. I see so many of them around here in parks and private places, and they are eyesores to the photographer. But they also help show people where very small, vulnerable plants are, so that must prevent some trampling.

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