Forestry Friday …TIMBER! Teaser 2

Children's book, pen and ink, Timber, drawing Forestry

Loading poles and lumber at the mill yard.  Another peek at “TIMBER!”  The ink is done on this page, and it just needs a bit of watercolor.




16 thoughts on “Forestry Friday …TIMBER! Teaser 2

  1. Tim,

    Didn’t realize you were an illustrator. Just wanted to thank you for all the likes you’ve left me this year and also say I like your new Gravatar. Glad I stopped by. I’ll make sure I come back to enjoy your artwork.


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    • You’re welcome Kathy, I’ve enjoyed you site. This will be my 5th picture book that I’ve illustrated. I’m glad you like the new gravatar. I think I had a dozen outtakes getting it, then used the first picture. Go figure.


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