Forester Friday … A Forester’s New Dog

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Meet “Bliss”, Redtail’s Guilty Pleasure. Our new baby girl. Bliss is the Great-Great-Great Grandpup of our first golden “Bo.”

This was her first week with us.

Here, Mary and I just picked up Bliss from the breeder Susan Liptak.

Here, Mary and I just picked up Bliss from the breeder, Susan Liptak.

70 thoughts on “Forester Friday … A Forester’s New Dog

  1. Tim – so happy for you and Mary . What an lovely armful of Spring Bliss 🙂
    Exploring puppy style and looking so at home in the water already too , what fun times ahead !

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  2. Oh, how precious! My Cody is a Golden Retriever/German Shepherd mix (SPCA adoption), but she’s no longer a puppy. Your photos and video almost make me want a second puppy (notice I said “almost”). Bliss is going to have a wonderful life in her new home.

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  3. Been waiting to see the little one and what a beautiful puppy. Miss Bliss is so beautiful loved watching the video takes of her first days with you guys. From all indications she is going to be a wonderful hunting dog and family pet – she’s so lucky. Congratulations Tim and Mary she is a sweet addition to your family!!

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  4. Love, love, love, LOVE Bliss! What a dear little soul! My cheeks are sore from smiling during the entire video, Tim! Thank you so much for sharing your new bundle of energy with us! I can’t wait for more! Cher 🙂

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  5. So happy for both of you! That little Bliss is soooooooooo cute. She will have a wonderful life with you two and Sailor. Loved the video of her too!

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  6. What a lovely girl! Such an expressive face. I loved the video, she sure took to the water fast. Can’t wait to see more of her 😃

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  7. Why do puppies have to look so innocent? And adorable! Good thing they do as there is a bundle of trouble lurking. Enjoy! I am sure the house training and the late nights will end soon enough. 🙂

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  8. Wow, what a gorgeous little soul! I agree with what many others have said: she will have a very good life with you two! Was there a Bliss in your family before? I seem to remember the name so well, or did I only dream that…? Anyway, sounds like the most perfect name ever for her!

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    • That’s so nice of you to say Gunilla. Our girl that we lost last year was Blitz, very close to Bliss. I wasn’t going to use that name, because they were so much alike. Since She passed we decide to use Bliss.


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