The Art Challenge, Day Two … En Plein Aire

It’s day two! I was tagged to do the 3 pieces of art a day for 5 days, Art Challenge, by Mark Mitchell. The theme for today is “En Plein Aire.” The nuthatch is my first and only plein aire watercolor painting. Perhaps there will be more someday. The others were done over lunch while making my rounds in the woods. Just a tiny snapshots of my days. Pens are so much more portable than watercolors. I would love to see Mary at oilpastelsbymary to do the Art Challenge.

This challenge originated on Facebook, but I have moved it over to WordPress. Please check it out my new Facebook page at Tim Livingston.

33 thoughts on “The Art Challenge, Day Two … En Plein Aire

  1. Tim,
    I didn’t even know there was a blue oak. Lovely. You captured the view and message with “The Window to the Woods” and “Past and Future” too. I think the trees caught my attention more than the bird today! There’s something for everyone! Enjoying your art challenge pieces.

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  2. Oh my Tim, this is my second invite to do 3-pieces a day – I will give your challenge some serious thought. Ha you know how to really challenge someone, mine wouldn’t turn out quite as nice as your beautiful work.

    Speaking of results and work, love your art studies – they always show us the magic of nature.

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    • I’m good Ruth, but not that good. I’m posting old and new pieces. There’s no way I could get three pieces a week done. None of the pictures in this set have been posted before, but I’m posting a bunch of previously posted pictures on other days.


  3. Thank you for starting to follow my blog. Your drawings are lovely. You mentioned that you have never tried scratchboard. I bet you would really like it. It is perfect for making very fine and detailed markings. I am definitely hooked on the medium and just recently began exploring adding color to my scratchboards. I participated in this Five-Day Art Challenge on Facebook. It was a lot of fun and got a lot more art on Facebook.

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