Make Yourself At Home, I Made Turkey

Thanksgiving, wild turkey, turkey, watercolor, watercolour, wildlife

Happy Thanksgiving!

To show my appreciation for all of you out there, I made you a turkey.  Enjoy, it’s a guilt free turkey with zero calories, it’s vegan and it won’t give you gas.  Thank you all for stopping by.

On a side note I managed to loosen up my painting a bit with this turkey.  After the attempt with the bluebird post I had to take drastic measures.  The secret technique I devised involved a bottle of Petite Sarah and while watching Dancing With the Stars.  Please don’t tell anyone.  No self-respecting Forester Artist should be caught doing such a thing.  However, it did loosen up my brush!

No turkeys were harmed in the making of this post.  Sorry, I can’t say the same for dinner.

37 thoughts on “Make Yourself At Home, I Made Turkey

  1. As a vegan, I skip all those Thanksgiving menus that dominate the internet these days. However, I noticed the word ‘vegan’, so I opened your post to find a wonderful Turkey.
    Your Turkey is proud and safe. May he have a great life!
    Happy Thanksgivings.


    • Yes, this turkey is free to range through my blog as long as he wants! My guide picture for this watercolor was of a big old Tom from last Spring and he was strutting for a bunch of hens. Fun to watch.


  2. Absolutely wonderful art! Too good to eat 😉
    To help you save face with the fact dancing with the stars was on… I’m just going to blame the wine! Wine does have interesting effects on things =-O Ha!
    Have a wonderful thanksgiving!!


  3. lol You’re so funny, Tim! Thank you so much!! I will enjoy this Turkey. 🙂 May you and your family have a Blessed and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


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