Forestry Friday … Come Along To The Woods

wood grain, forest, leaves, forest art

There is art in the forest no matter where you look.

I had a beautiful day to get out to the woods this week. Here are a few picture to share. No particular theme this time. I haven’t posted a lot of forestry lately, so it’s time to get my groove on. Just click on the gallery to enlarge the pictures

Thank you for coming along.

31 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … Come Along To The Woods

    • I glad you enjoyed the post Anna. I would love to see your high country, what a treat that would be. The orange wood really caught my attention, because I don’t recall the alder wood looking so bright. I’ll have to pay closer attention in the future. If I had my chainsaw with me I would have whacked a piece off. Maybe when I go back up.

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  1. Tim,
    I love the beauty of the forest in winter. The naked trees and those with brown leaves clinging on contrast with the lush pines. Winter provides the forest artist a pallet of gray, brown, green, and an occasional surprise, like your pumpkin orange rings. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your world.


  2. You must have one of the best commutes ever Tim ! glad to join in alongside and admire such fabulous landscapes . Must smell wonderful too … all the pine ..


    • My commute are usually pretty nice, if you don’t mind getting stuck in the mud and snow now and then. We are blessed here with such diversity in our landscapes. The fresh air is wonderful, except when the woods are on fire!


  3. “I love my commute.” A rare statement for sure. 🙂 Your pictures and appreciation for beauty in all nature has made me look around at the outdoors around my area with different eyes. The different textures in tree bark is amazing.

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  4. Yes, the texture at the woods, leaves and flowers are like a beautiful masterpieces. I enjoy to capture its tiniest texture details with my camera. My husband doesn’t understand and laughing that I am not an artist. I am a visual artist who is trying to capture every texture details for my photography and drawings. It is necessary as a drawing reference and can implement it in photoshop, and maya software 😉

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