The Golden Moment

golden retriever, Blitz, pheasant, ringnecks, pheasant hunting, watercolor, watercolour, pen and ink, painting

Blitz, a contented retriever doing what she loves. In watercolor, pen and ink.

37 thoughts on “The Golden Moment

    • It is a little sad. Pheasants are beautiful creatures and I appreciate them very much. Hunting them with Blitz is part living in our natural environment. This creates a very strong a connection with our food and where it comes from.Nnothing is wasted.


  1. You have captured the dog well Tim, my favourite subject – dogs, but I find watercolour too difficult, I envy you being able to do it. I’ve just finished a collie, I’m putting it on my blog.


  2. Very nice Tim and you’re right, nothing goes to waste. Rosemary pheasant is sooo good and I’m patiently waiting for the feathers so I can make p.t.’s (pheasant tails) and crawdad patterns to catch those wild rainbows with!


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