45 thoughts on “Wildflowers To Welcome Summer

  1. I love the California poppy colors. We have a lot of wild tiger lilies here, but maybe not the same variety. And of course wild rose has taken over everywhere. Unfortunately they like to grow right with the wild black raspberries and blackberries that I pick. Ouch!


    • Thank you Megan. I hope you two settle into the new palace comfortably. Come to think of it, I’m glad to hear that Ted made it safely to your new abode! I would have been sad to hear that the Tedster ended up living under some old junk car. Incidently, that is were one of my cats does live. Her choice, I don’t make her live there. She is a cat after all…just sayin’.


      • We’re getting there! Although, Mr. Bear is awfully confused even though his furniture is everywhere…there’s a box on the floor at every turn. And, he may want to live under a car like your cat…he tries to escape every time the door of the new place opens. Keep your fingers crossed he doesn’t get out, as we have a ‘pet’ raccoon right outside where the trash gets thrown out. Teddy would be in for a RUDE awakening, huh?!


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