Lions, Deer, and Bears Oh Mine

Mary and I have our little get-away spot we love to go to. When we are there, we have lots of friends stop by. Check out her post!

Sneaking Bliss

We originally set up hidden cams at various locations to catch claim jumpers. It’s a nice treat to capture the local critter population. Here is a sampling of what passed through the last 2 weeks. Of course, panning a little bling with my Tim is pure bliss.

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12 thoughts on “Lions, Deer, and Bears Oh Mine

  1. All such good pictures. I really like the unposed nature photos. The black and white ones or rather little color really caught my eye.

    Are you and Tim ever afraid of a mountian lion or bear attack and do you go “blinging” wtih a gun handy? I am very paranoid. You just never know but on the other hand you two do know about those things as you are aware after having lived there for so long.

    Anyway, I digress. What are claim jumpers? Panning for gold or cutting timber or what?


    • We always keep an eye out, but the bears and lions usually stear clear of us. Our more immediate concerns are rattlesnakes and cartel dope growers, and we have encountered both. I wouldn’t worry too much about the snakes except for the dogs. We can’t have the rattlesnakes in camp or at the work site. We always go to the mine prepared for such encounters.

      The claim jumpers are people who sneak in and mine illeagally on our claim. We’ve encountered them too, not cool. I know that sounds so 1850’s, but it still goes on today.


      • Oh my goodness. I thought about snakes but did not think that you would let the dogs off leash if they could run off the trail and meet with a mt lion or bear. Of course the snakes are a huge problem. Don’t know if the snake vaccine is any good for the species of rattlers that you have in northern Cal.

        Frankly I would be almost more afraid of the weed growers for those are some desparate folks. I thought the claim might have to do with panning fo gold or digging- not sure what you do to find gold now days.I would think that some of those people are nuts as well because if they are worrking you claim illegally then I consider that to be criminals.

        Please, please be careful- both of you. All those things are serious business. I don’t thnk it sounds 1850’s at al. It is reality. We have weed growers here and meth labs and sometimes the nut jobs are doing all of this right under your nose.

        My son lives in the country and not long ago a really nice home was raided that is less than 1/4 mile from his house.

        DPS and sherrif helicopters can be seen frequently flying at night Sherrifs have recently been armed with updated automatic assault rifles. I have to say that times are rough only in a different manner from the 1800’s. :-).


        • The snake vaccine are pretty usless with the Northern Pacific Rattlesnakes, which is our most common pit viper. We haven’t had a run in with the dogs and lions, but we have with the dogs and the bears. I will have to leave that story to Mary, since it was her dogs at the center of that adventure.

          I’m with you about the growers. They are my biggest concern. Fortunately when we ran into them, they bailed off the road into the brush and disappeared. However, the rattlesnakes, we ate for dinner. They did not taste like chicken. πŸ˜‰

          It’s just the wild west out here! ;D


  2. I will check out her post. Love hidden camera pics ‘n wildlife πŸ™‚

    You’re lovely how you support her.


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