Come Hang Out With Us


Publishing Birdies and Beasts

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The Backdoor Artist and I joined Mark Mitchell of
Make Your Splashes, Make Your Marks
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RECORDED June 20, 2013
Publishing Birdies and Beasts

Mark Mitchell, illustrator extraordinaire and proprietor of Make Your Marks, Make Your Splashes Illustration Course  Interviewed Mary Livingston, The Backdoor Artist, and me Thursday, June 20, 2013.


16 thoughts on “Come Hang Out With Us

  1. Very cool! You are so professional now. :). Wish we lived a little closer, I would love to say hi. We still have the signed copy of your first book you gave the girls. Wishing you a huge turn out and congratulations.


    • We just wrapped up an hour ago. It went for 3 hours, which I guess is good. We had a relatively small turnout due to some technical difficulty at the start. It was fun. We were just in Oregon last weekend, over at Glide near Roseburg for a dog event. Next time we are that far North we’ll have to visit.


      • Oh, I wouldn’t call your storyboards scribbles. Un uh. But they’re definitely a good balance of just enough information. Maybe I’ll start with a scribble and meet myself in the middle – loosen up and learn what just enough information looks like for our book.


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