Run Of The Mill View

Pole Plant, Chip, hopper, ladder

Climbing down the ladder to the chip hopper. Hey, what is that black thing?

I’m working on a presentation that I’m giving at the Redwood Region Logging Conference on Friday.  I wanted to put some new photos into my Power Point presentation.  My favorite view of the mill site is from the top of the chip hopper at the Pole Plant.  It gives a great overview of the entire complex, so I took my shots and climbed down.  I normally post lots of pictures of wildlife around the mill site, but I haven’t shown much of the complex.  By just looking at the wildlife pictures from my category called “Wildlife At The Mill“, one would think this place was a wildlife refuge.  In a way it is.  The wildlife here is accustomed to living next to and amongst the mill site.  No one bothers them and they have adapted to their environment.  It is truly amazing how adaptable nature is.

Mt Shasta, Shasta, log deck, pole yard,  mill site, sawmill, photography

Mt Shasta rises in the background of the pole yard and the log decks. Mt Shasta is the second largest mountain in the Cascades at 14,179 feet.

pole yard, sawmill, otter, photography, osprey, nest

The Otter Pond is surrounded by the sawmill, co-generation plant and pole yard. The otters don’t seem to mind.   You can see the otter post Otter, Up Periscope.  The tower with the osprey nest is just visible in the upper right corner.  The osprey posts are, Osprey Remodel, Osprey Love, and Here Come The Osprey.

pole plant, poles, industrial, photography

The Pole Plant.

Pole Plant, industrial, photography

Looking down the chip conveyor.

26 thoughts on “Run Of The Mill View

    • It is a stratovolcano like Mt Saint Helens. The kind that explodes. They say it last erupted in 1786 and that it has been on a 600 year cycle over the last 4,500 years. So I’m not to worried about it today.


  1. I’m glad to read your ongoing posts about the wildlife and its ability to thrive within a mill setting. I used to be amazed by all of the barn swallows flying in and out of the screamingly loud mill here.
    It’s pretty hopeful, nature and industry living somewhat together.


    • There is such a predictable routine at the mill that the wildlife get very accustomed to it. They learn when to move about and what areas to avoid. Today I saw one of the osprey fly to the middle of the mill yard and land on a pole to eat it’s fish. Then a rooster pheasant crossed the pole yard and disappeared among the log decks. The mill worker watch out for the wildlife too. It is pretty cool.


  2. A harmonious habitat all round … working and living . Lovely post [s] 😉
    I’m guessing Mt Shasta there is always snow topped ?


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