Osprey Complaint Department

The Osprey Complaint Department.

All complaints and criticisms will get doo consideration.  Oh, and bring a fish.

If you don’t like the osprey posts, please take it up with our complaint department coordinator.

40 thoughts on “Osprey Complaint Department

  1. Priceless photo Tim 🙂 The arc of ‘plasma’ is heading right for the wire…
    My favorite osprey tale is from Lee Valley Lake in the White Mts. of Arizona, a small impoundment stocked with Arctic Grayling. A fragile species in a tenuous environment, it was catch and release only for human fisherman as a pair of ospreys came and went the whole day, hauling dozens of grayling off to feed the nestlings.


  2. I have never seen an osprey in my real life , then this really makes me wanna visit the complaint department right away – just to meet the officer with such a special pose 🙂


  3. Very funny! I don’t think we have osprey around here, but we have many kinds of hawks. And twice we had bald eagles visit our lake briefly hoping to fish, I think. I don’t know if they caught any, but one did reduce the squirrel population slightly. They were reintroduced to Indiana years ago and are starting to spread away from the reservoir.


  4. Thanks Ruth, we too have see an increase in our Bald Eagle population. I never get tired of seeing them. You might see osprey in your neck of the woods sometime when they are migrating. They go north for breeding.


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