BIG RED – TD-24 International

Here’s one I recently finished. This painting has been donated to the Pacific Logging Congress for their fundraiser auction.

Circa late 1950’s.

9 thoughts on “BIG RED – TD-24 International

    • Thank you Gail! It’s funny, I was thinking about you a few weeks ago and the memorials you publish for the veterans. My uncle David Norcross recently passed away. He was a marine during the Korean War. He was at Chosan reservoir and most of the worst engagements. He was wounded three times and never received a Purple Heart. His marines were placed under the command of the army. The army used them as the tip of the spear. He saw terrible fighting and brutal cold, you know the story.

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      • Tim, I am so sorry for your loss. If you would care to have Your uncle included in the Farewell Salutes, I would be honored to have his information here. I have read his obituary and would like to know if you prefer CA or LA as his state and any other info such as his rank, and unit – if known. I shall say a prayer for of the Chosin Few!!


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