Super Moonset!

Bad weather prevented us from viewing the lunar eclipse last week. However, in the morning I was treated to a spectacular moonset.

I’m waiting for one of those cows to jump!

22 thoughts on “Super Moonset!

  1. Tim,
    Sorry you missed the eclipse, but what a treat you did see and capture for others. I loved your humor too! If you would consider making these a canvas trio, I’d strongly consider purchasing a set! I bet others would too.

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  2. Wow! When I was a teenager, I drove up on a moon that appeared to be so close to the Earth, I was certain it was about to crash into us. I was terrified. I raced home in tears. My dad found humor in the incident and explained the phenomenon to me. I drove back to look at it again, but the moon was perfectly placed in the sky where it belonged. For the rest of my life, I’ve longed to see the sight again, but it has eluded me. Great pictures, Tim!

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