17 thoughts on “Mt Shasta Morning

          • They sure can. I work in the timber industry; we own mining claims that we work; we raise purebred dogs and we hunt. These are all things that the majority of legislators in the state of California would just as soon regulate out of existence. It’s ironic that California is “The Golden State” because it’s nearly impossible to Mine gold here anymore.

            Our freedoms here are being eroded away and voters here can’t give them away quickly enough. On top of that they tax us obscenely. This is why California is having a mass exodus of businesses and retirees. They use our precious resources to build a bullet train that only serves South California while our water infrastructure is crumbling away.

            The frustration with the state government is quite high in the North. Their regulations are turning Northern California into Appalachia. This state is controlled by LA and SF. We are culturally very different and that is harming rural California. Enough of my rant. I could go on, but I think I’ve gone on enough.


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