Forestry Friday … Headed Out Loaded

pen and ink, log truck, loggers, logging

A loaded log truck heading to town.

This pen and ink was inspired when I was headed to a logging job near Trinity Lake in Northern California. It appeared in the children’s book Timber In The Working Forest, by Mary A Livingston and illustrated by yours truly.

8 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … Headed Out Loaded

  1. I’m sure this is as good as your other book “Forests” that I have!! You know I firmly believe in teaching the children from a young age – it’s the only chance this planet has left!

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    • Absolutely right Gail. We need to start young. This book is targeted for a slightly older new reader. We have the picture book version called “Timber” also. It’s a younger version of this subject. I need to blog about it. Marketing obviously isn’t my specialty.

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