Dotspen Practice

I got a dotspen several weeks ago. I did this drawing back then just for fun and to get a feel for the pen. This is the perfect implement for an impatient stippler like me. It has two speeds slow and fast. I only use fast. In fact I wish it had a setting called faster!

19 thoughts on “Dotspen Practice

  1. 😁,nothing that doesn’t need more power ! I hadn’t heard about this pen,but I know a few people who might be interested. Do you find it gives a good result in comparison to your previous stippling? I suppose I am asking does it look too regular compared to your normal work.

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    • I only found out about it a few months ago and had to try it out. What I like about it is that it’s fast. I think a good stipple artist, that wouldn’t be me, has much more control by hand. Mine doesn’t look all that regular, but I haven’t used it a lot. I’m sure with practice it would look more regular. All that being said it’s fun!

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  2. i have never heard of a dotspen! it’s been three years since i’ve been back in the cosmopolitan world, where there are art supply stores and easy frame shops, etc… i told someone that my next trip back, i probably need to take two or three days to myself – just to wander around stores like that and marvel at what’s available.

    this is something that would be interesting to see —- i suspect there are youtube videos tht show it in action – or maybe you can do a video to show all of us!!!

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