Happy Dog Day!

Here are a few pen and inks of just some of my favorite dogs on Dog Day! Click on the image to enlarge.

38 thoughts on “Happy Dog Day!

  1. Your pen and ink drawings are so good. So much talent for art. It has to be God given. Of all the dogs pictured, which ones are still living? I have not commented in a while so I have no idea which dogs are still in the family. My memory is spotty but I think Teka might have belonged to some other family and you had her for training. I am probably wrong but anyhow….

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    • You have an excellent memory Yvonne. Teka belongs to some friends. Out of these dogs Bliss and Teka are living. Thank you so much for you kind words. It’s definitely God given otherwise I have no explanation for it. How are you doing? Are you staying dry or has the storm missed you?

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      • I’m glad you still have Bliss and friends have Teka.

        I’m about 200 miles inland in Waco, which is north of the Houston area, the city and surrounding areas that were hit with devastation. Here in Waco it has rained less than an inch. I live on high ground so if it should ever flood here, I think that I’d be safe. Thanks for asking about my welfare You are appreciated, Tim. You and Mary take care.

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