Forestry Friday … Waiting

Foresters spend a lot of time driving. Therefore, we spend a lot of time waiting in road construction. This is how I pass my time waiting. At least when I have no cell phone service.RdConstruction

Bliss isn’t impressed.

15 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … Waiting

  1. Blitz would rather get outside. I imagine you both would. You know how to be productive even during construction delays. I’m loving my iPad for catching up on emails when I’m away. I haven’t purchased an iPhone yet for such uses. The iPad was a gift from our son who traded up/smaller. Maybe a phone will land in my lap the same way. Doubt it though. Your art also helps keep you from stressing over the delays. Good for the heart and soul and for those who love your art too! Have a glorious weekend and I hope all your roads stay clear so you can get to your destinations on time. Weekends are meant to enjoy!

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    • Thank you so much Linda! The iPad is great isn’t it. I couldn’t have gone to Montana without it and my iPhone. I had things going on at work that I couldn’t ignore for a week. It’s good to be disconnected from work, but when you can’t the ability to get all my calls and email makes leaving possible.

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  2. I tend to keep magazines in the seat back pouch. A holdover from waiting for kids and their sports activities, I guess. It’s nice Bliss can relax while you are waiting. Ding dong dog would not have been able to, so there would not be any drawing or reading happening. LOL

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