Forestry Friday … From The Woods

Today I’m coming to you from the Trinitys. I happen to have a cell signal so I’m making this post with my iPhone. Many of you may know that we are in a severe drought here in California. You can see by the dust coming off this logging operation how dry things are. Our logging crews are suffering with the dry conditions and the dust. Full fire precautions are in effect. Fire season has been pretty brutal this summer. We’re crossing fingers and hoping for the best for the rest of the logging season.

photo (4)
Dust is flying, hazy smoke is in the air and Trinity Lake, in the background behind the lower left trees, is down to about 30% capacity. It’s dry dry dry out there.

15 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … From The Woods

  1. Isn’t there a fire going up at Yosemite (again)?? Bay Area residents still don’t seem to understand the severity. Sadly, they are still wasting water on swimming pools, jacuzzis, non-native plants and lawns.


    • Yes, and I think this fire is entirely in the park. I understand that the San Francisco system is in pretty rough shape. I read somewhere the system is leaking 23 billion gallons of water a year. That water comes from Hetch Hetchy in Yosemite Park.


    • I can’t disagree Esther. Logging is rather a messy business. The logging areas are in pretty rough shape when the logging is finishing up. Right behind the loggers is the chipping crew. They clean up the slash and debris, which reduces the fuel load in the area. Then the site prep crew comes in and prepares the soil for planting. By next Spring the seedlings will be planted and a brand new forest begins. 🙂


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