Sgt Livingston

Lloyd Livingston

Marine Sgt Lloyd Livingston in pen and ink. I used a portrait taken of my dad during WWII.

Today is my dad’s birthday, unfortunately, we lost him several years ago. It seemed like a good time to post his portrait. He served as a Marine in the Pacific during WWII, something I’m very proud of. Happy birthday dad.

I’ve been working on my pen and ink portraits and I have found them to be particularly challenging. They are much more difficult than a squirrel or pine cone. After doing a number of fails, I finally completed one that I thought was suitable for posting. No Forestry Friday post today, but it will be back next week.

68 thoughts on “Sgt Livingston

  1. Tim,
    I like how your dad is leaning in. He appears warm and sensitive. Maybe he’s listening to someone special, although he seems to be daydreaming. This portrait makes me wonder about him and what’s in front of him. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure your dad was plenty proud of you too!

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  2. You’ve outdone yourself with your Dad’s portrait. I can understand it being harder to draw a human compared to anything else. However, I will leave you with a self portrait. … 😗

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  3. We both had Virgo dads who served in WWII – mine was in the Navy. I love this pen and ink, and it’s a great tribute to a wonderful, special person. I’m sure he’d be proud. Isn’t it strange looking at our parents as 20-somethings too? Strange and wonderful. Awesome work. ~LJ

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    • Thank you LJ. You right about looking at them in their youth as being a little strange, but nothing like doing a portrait of him to really see him as that young man. My sons are now older than he was in this picture. It puts things into perspective a bit.


  4. Every crease in his shirt and shadow in his glare is beautiful! A portrait well done, and I’m sure he is smiling down on your honoring him. Beautiful! Happy Birthday

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  5. A beautiful portrait this is, the expression in his eyes, as if I see the real person in front of me. It must have been a special moment drawing this, focusing on the face of your father. It’s really beautiful, I hope you will do more portraits!


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