Teka and Ruby


Ruby’s Coarsegold Running Rebel SH, “Teka”

Teka went home to her family about a year ago. I did this drawing before she left. She stayed with us while training. During her time here she completed her AKC Junior and Senior Hunter titles.

Redtails Coarsgold Serrano Sizzle JH, "Ruby"

Redtail’s Coarsgold Serrano Sizzle JH, “Ruby”

Her mother “Ruby” also stayed with us years ago. This is the drawing I did of Ruby when she was here.

This gallery is from Teka’s time with us. Click on the image to enlarge.

Very soon Kinta will be going home to Japan. It has been a wonderful year with him, as was our time with Teka and Ruby.



43 thoughts on “Teka and Ruby

    • We’ve done this off and on over the years. In some cases we get to see the dogs again. With the dogs like Kinta that have gone to Japan we follow their careers on Facebook. Kinta will be especially hard, because he was here when Blitz passed and we both became particulary attached after that. Knowng he will be with our dear friends makes it easier.


  1. Tim you must have hard or maybe I should say strong heart as I probably could not let it go after a year. But maybe when you do it for a reason you manage. I always enjoy reading and watching your stories and pictures. Your drawings are very special. Hope you had some rest today… and enjoyed a good walk 🙂

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  2. Gorgeous dogs, beautiful photographs and sketch, Tim. How fortunate the owners are to have such extensive training for their dogs. My husband and I have hunting dogs but we don’t hunt (although we have thought about it) so we don’t have working dogs. I assume it is quite demanding, the training you do, if it takes a year? Any tips for us novices? 🙂

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    • Hi Terry. They are such a wonderful breed. It was easier when we had a big pack, but I think this time with Kinta will be the toughest one I’ve had to send home. He filled in for me when Blitz died. However, we know when we do this what the outcome is, so we are prepared. Still…..

      Give Sadie a scratch behind the ears for us. 🙂


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