23 thoughts on “Forest Violence!

  1. A haiku for the moment:
    Deerly departed
    Crossed the road at the wrong time
    Now just a chalkline

    There are a few goofballs working for your public works department!

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  2. Last week we drove an electric car. It was awesome, in sound, costs and fumes reduction. A perfect car to go in nature, not spoiling it with harsh sounds and fumes. However, we could notice its sound reducing effect because birds flew away later than usual. It is therefore that electric cars have two hooters, a small one to use for birds, wildlife, pedestrians and cyclists, the bigger for driving on highways. I think electric cars will be the future but drivers will have to use their hooters more often for birds and wildlife. I hope this dear print was a warning sign. It looks to be in a too okay condition and position after a full hit. I hope that we will see more wildlife on signs (graphic or not), in real and that they will see us before we see them. And in case they don’t see us, we will learn to give off warning signs to warn them. Especially when we drive electric or hybrid cars.


  3. Tim are you into body painting? adorable animals.. those deers… wish they would look before they jump into the busy roads some time… I am sure you see quite a few marking like that around..


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