Forestry Friday … The Guardian

Every now and then, I come across a special tree. One that was left unharvested because it so inspired people. The landowners left this tree when they logged the property. The ones that owned it next also left it, and so it goes. This tree is 7′ 3″ in diameter at breast height (DBH). The largest Ponderosa pine on record today is 9′ 2″. The Guardian isn’t the biggest, but it’s a big BIG tree.

Ponderosa Pine, Forest Giant

The sign reads, “The Guardian     Borne ?     Age ?     May You Live Forever”

That’s a nice sentiment, but it won’t happen. Trees, like people, have a limited lifespan and Ponderosa pines if left to grow their natural lives rarely survive to 500 years. However, one Ponderosa was measured at 933 years. Like the sign says, “Age ?” for The Guardian.

Forestry, Ponderosa pine, forest giant

What brainiacs decided it was a good idea to graffiti this tree with chainsaws? Ponderosa pine has flaky bark that sheds off. If they would leave it alone for a couple of decades, most of the carving would disappear.

It’s always a Kodak moment when I come across one of these forest giants. Some that I’ve seen included an 8′ plus sugar pine near McCloud, the 8′ “Mother Viola” sugar pine near Viola (now deceased from a huge wind storm), a 7′ western white pine near LaPorte and a 10′ Douglas-fir near Quincy, all in California.

Ponderosa Pine

I parked close to the tree as a size reference. Many of the young trees below are it’s offspring.

If your are interested in the biggest trees in the United States, you can check out the Big Tree Registry.

Golden Retriever

Meet Skidder, no he’s not my dog. He belongs to the logging crew I was visiting. Yes, I gave him back, after a ride in my truck.


15 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … The Guardian

  1. that is a beautiful tree and a beautiful story! thanks for the image with your truck – wow, – if only that tree could talk and share its stories and its wisdom – and its appreciation for those who thought it too beautiful to harvest!


  2. Tim, That is interesting… What make me think they live forever.. outside of my garden?! Beside they are beautiful great decision to let them grow to the record book..


  3. Skidder looks quite at home in your truck. I love the picture of the tree and truck. That is a great shot from bottom to top.


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