Forestry Friday … Sierra Cascade Logging Conference

It’s time, once again for the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference here in Anderson, California. It is an opportunity loggers, foresters, equipment sales folks, school kids, teachers and the public to all come together.  It’s like going to the county fair where you can bump into friends that you haven’t seen since last year.

co-generation, electricity, electrostatic precipitater, Sierra Cascade Logging Conference

Mary, of Sneaking Bliss, teacher the kids how an electrostatic precipitator cleans the smoke from a wood fired co-generation plant.

Today was the first day of the conference and also Education Day.  Over 700 4th and 5th graders tour the exhibits and learn about forestry and the timber industry.  Each year Mary teaches a science lesson related to one of our picture books and the kids love it.

feller buncher, logging equipment

There is a lot of big equipment like this feller buncher.

logging conference, Sierra Cascade Logging Conference

Plenty of little equipment too.

vintage log truck

There was even quite a bit of old equipment all shined up.

Chainsaw art, chainsaw carving

Who doesn’t love a chainsaw carved bear?

funnel cakes

Not to mention funnel cakes!

Red Tail Publishing

Mary visits with customers at the Red Tail Publishing booth.

37 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … Sierra Cascade Logging Conference

  1. Looks really good Tim, it’s great to get people together like that, you can learn so much can’t you? I once organised a Welsh countryside fair bringing all kinds of people together with an interest in land management and conservation – it was a great day but I’ll never organise another one, exhausting 🙂 The old trucks look fantastic in your photos 🙂


    • I know what you mean about organizing those types of events. They’re huge projects to take on and usually it’s just a few people doing all the work. They have other old equipment, but I didn’t get any pictures yet. They’re in a barn and it was too late and dark to get any good shots. Perhaps I can sneak over tomorrow and get some pictures.


  2. These hands-on educational activities are simply the best. Who doesn’t remember a few from their own youth? Somehow these make an everlasting impression. Later on, when students return to books, theories and exams, they built on these experiences.


    • Absolutely right Paula. Mary is so good at relating to the kids. They all have a great time. The teachers love her presentation, because there is always a science experiment related to forestry or wood products for the kids.


  3. I went to so many forestry conferences and the like during the four years I was getting my B.S. in Forestry from Texas A&M University. Met a lot of great people but, sadly, I never got the opportunity to work in the forestry industry.


    • It has been a very gratifying profession to work in Russel. You may not have gotten to make a career in it, but at least you had the experience back then. It’s funny, but I have found that some of the things I did early on in my life and never really expected to use again, have managed to find their way back into my life at unexpected times in unexpected ways. I hope that you find that to be true for you.


  4. Oh, I’m vicariously sad. My brother in law was a logger in No. Cal and has now incorporated logging into his NE Iowa life. He’s the go-to logger – 🙂 – and an excellent trapper. Which sounds all blah blah blah. Me, I know NOTHING about it all, but he took me along gopher trapping and I was fascinated and full of questions the entire time. … A VERY long way of saying that I imagine a logging conference/convention would be equally interesting. I wish he could have attended, at least.


    • If he logged in Northern California in the past, then I suspect he probably has been to this logging conference. Just about anyone who spent much time working in the timber industry here has gone. We have it every year and on Saturday it’s open to the public. If you or your brother in law ever find yourself in Anderson on the second weekend in February, then come on down to the fair grounds. Admittence is free!


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