Whimsday Bliss – Noriko

I love this post by Mary about our dear friend Noriko, who visited for too short a time. I sat at my painting table while she sat next to me at Mary’s. Watching her explore watercolors for the first time was humbling and inspiring. She is so gifted as an artist and a friend.

Sneaking Bliss

The highlight of my week was sharing art with my friend, Noriko. She arrived last week to meet her puppy, Kinta. The puppy is living with us while he waits for his health clearance to go home to Japan. (See Puppy Bliss)

You may recall from Puppies, Friends and Bliss, that Noriko is an artist. She has worked mostly in oils, and more recently in pencil and pastel.

She was curious about watercolor and we invited her to give it a try. We introduced her to the brushes and tools. In no time she was bringing life to a stunning image.

I think you’ll agree, sharing the art experience with friends is bliss.

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