Forestry Friday … Ever Feel Like You’re Being Watched?

black bear, pen and ink, nature drawing

American Black Bear, (Ursus americanus), the biggest predator in our woods.

When working in the woods I’m usually alone, but really never alone.  Do you ever get the feeling that someone or something is watching you?  I had this big brute spying on me one day.  He didn’t think I noticed him.

Black Bear, nature, wildlife, photography

My neck is tingling! Is someone there?

bear, black bear, wildlife, nature, photography
There’s a sneaky bear it there!

bear, black bear, wildlife, nature, photography

The watcher was a big black bear boar.

Now, to answer the age-old rhetorical question.

Bear Poop

You know the question.  Yes indeed, they do poop in the woods. Just sayin’.

golden retriever

Hey, where’s my fierce guard dog?

Blitz decided she would wait it out in the truck.  She knew the bear would leave after filling up on a yummy forester meal.

48 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … Ever Feel Like You’re Being Watched?

  1. Wow, hope that was a zoom lens. . That looks a bit close to be to a bear! Here in Illinois I might only have to worry about a fierce squirrel or perhaps a rabbit… Hopefully not the Rabbit of Caerbannogere! 🐰


  2. Wonderful sketch and photos! I had a bear incident once a long time ago. We were camping in the high country at Yosemite and in the middle of the night, we heard a huge crash! A bear had gotten our food that was not hung far enough out on a limb. We had to hike out 10 miles the next morning on empty stomachs… that bear had eaten everything even the toothpaste!


    • Thank you Anita. That is such a classic bear story. They learn quickly how to exploit campers. The rascals will steal anything and sometime everything. However, the bear did leave you a great story!


  3. Tim it is amazing how detailed you sketch your friend, I probably will run miles and remember nothing… Love the colours of the photos.. I bet you walk all day with fig leaf in your forest of Eden.. If I was you I will consider building an Ark… Have a great weekend.


  4. It’s funny, I often think I’m alone in the bush, but it’s not so, there’s always something there, a squirrel a jay or chickadee or a bear!. Here the bears are sleeping, it’s was -29 last night.


    • When I remember to pack it I do. These black bears generally run away, unless you bump into a mama with cubs. I carry in case I run into some cartel dope growers.
      My camera is a Nikon Coolpix P510. It is actually a higher end point and shoot with an excellent 42x optical zoom. Mary has the big dog Nikon. It is way fancier and faster than mine. What I like about is I have it with me all the time and if it gets damaged I won’t be out a fortune. It does take a pretty good picture.


  5. Hi Tim
    Thanks for calling in on my blog and the follow. I’ve been having a little look around your wonderful pictures – what a fascinating life you lead – your art really tells your story.


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